This year’s Tomatoes are all of our favorites, I’m not just saying it to be cute.

When we compared the list of tomatoes we grew for our family and the list of tomatoes home gardeners wanted last year? We created this list.

We started these beauties in early March and we seeded them, planted them in bigger pots (twice) and we used the good (and very stinky) fish fertilizer to nourish them.

Please allow me to tell you about them.

We have Bellstar Paste, our only bush (determinate) tomato that brings in heaps of tomatoes all at once, perfect for canning.

San Marzano and Speckled Roman are our premier canning tomatoes, very little juice. San Marzano is the smaller muscley looking one and Speckled Roman has GOLD streaks! It’s so pretty to look at and great for canning win-win!

Beefsteak is the perfect BLT tomato or for eating all on its own, with a dash of real salt.

Trucker’s Favorite Pink is fantastic for salads and works for BLTs or canning as well…it’s actually pink!

Mexico Midget is a cherry tomato that packs a full tomato punch in a bite sized tomato…I’ve added these to our canning crock pot and food milled out the seeds and skins. It fits right in flavor wise and is good days later if you leave them on the counter.

Sun Golds are my FAVORITE garden snack of all time! They don’t last long taste wise once picked so enjoy them as a snack while you’re in the garden.

So what are you waiting for?

Order your tomatoes today!

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