Know you’ll emerge when you surrender

Daffodils growing at Fence Post Flower Farm in Romeo, Michigan.

Did you know that the forest floor is where the best soil lives?

Trees collect energy (in their leaves) through the summer.

They drop their leaves in the fall.

The leaves have the exact nutrients the tree needs the next season to grow and thrive.

When leaves are left undisturbed the soil is alive with nourishment for the tree.


So, what happens if you don’t let go of your season’s work?

I’m looking at the oak trees in our yard that are still holding on to their leaves in early March.

When these oak trees finally drop their leaves, we’ll probably be back to mowing that part of the yard.

The leaves won’t have time to deeply nourish the soil and the tree will have to find nutrients further into the ground.

The oaks are known for their deep roots.

Is that because they need to “dig deep” to find the nutrients to succeed and thrive?


This year I found that as a mom of young kids that I don’t have the ability to “dig deep” right now.

I can’t stay up until all hours of the night working or use my best hours of the day creating.

My days are both planned and hold spontaneity that family life brings.

Telling my kids “One more minute” as I edited an Instagram reel or responded to a customer?

It’s unsustainable for this season of our lives.


I can’t be an oak tree any more.

I have to be like the maple and let some of my best work go.


And yet… letting go brings me hope.

As I watch these leaves nourish the daffodils.

I realize that letting go of my oak-y stance will nourish myself and others in the years to come.


So what are you holding on to in this season of life that needs to be let go?

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