Enjoying the Garden one last time. Open for Fantastic Results!

This is the best time of year to walk your garden.

Come join me on a tour of mine, hurry before the sun rises over the maple trees!

Sunrise at Fence Post Flower Farm in Romeo, Michigan

The dahlias are in full bloom.

Fence Post Flower Farm Dahlia

The marigolds and zinnias are still blooming as they have all summer long.

Zinnias at Fence Post Flower Farm in Romeo, MIchigan

The sunflowers heads are bowing with the weight of seeds drying and preparing for birds to scatter.

And in the right light the dandelion and thistle weeds stand tall and beautiful.

The cherry tomatoes are still bringing forth snacks. Snag a few for your garden wandering.

Barry's Crazy Cherry Tomatoes grown at Fence Post Flower Farm in Romeo, Michigan

Sleepy bumblebees with legs full of pollen take rest on sunflowers, the sun will wake them soon.

The pumpkin leaves are kissed with white and underneath their massive leaves are pumpkins, some are turning orange.

The cucamelons arch is still delivering snack sized bites of refreshing citrus and cucumber water flavor.

Some bunny (of the human variety) left a garden snack. It makes me smile because yesterday there was a child running around with a dirt mustache.

The last of the tomatoes are here and their array of colors brings the promise of meals to come.

The garden is wild.
The garden is magical.
This is the time to soak up the last bits of sunshine.
This is the time to thank the garden for her abundance… and her lessons.

It’s time to be in the present while only seeing the beauty.

Put on your Garden Goggles.

The ones we wished for in cold depths of winter.

This is the moment we worked hard for in the muddy or dusty chill of spring.

And what we waited for as the garden spent the entire summer greening up to produce this moment.

The late September Garden in Michigan is the encore to summer, let her take her bow.

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  1. Sierra

    So magical! Thanks for the tour. Wishing an abundance for you and your family!

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