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Micro Tomatoes

Have you ever tried eating winter grocery store tomatoes?

You know the ones that are sad, squishy, and tasteless?


Last year as the winter blahs were in full swing I found out about micro tomatoes.

I grew them on my kitchen counter with a $10 shop light and some zip ties.

Within a few months I had my own delicious, flavorful, and cheerful tomatoes.

Want to grow your own tomatoes in your kitchen counter?

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Have a horrible record for house plants?

*raises hand* I’m the best at forgetting to water my plants.

But *leans in* let me tell you something.

You can do this.

You can grow tomatoes on your kitchen counter even if you are a masterful house plant slayer.

You’ll get my exclusive guide “How to Grow Micro Tomatoes Indoors without a Green Thumb”

You’ll know exactly how to SUCCESSFULLY grow those delicious tomatoes for your family.  

Be sure to grab a few plants so you’ll have enough to grow around.

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~ Laura ~