Micro Tomato Plant



If you are tired of buying sad, squishy, and tasteless tomatoes from the grocery store?

We can help!

Our micro tomato plants can be grown on your kitchen counter so you always have fresh, delicious, and TASTY tomatoes all winter long.

… scratch that!

These tomato plants will continue to thrive all year round so you NEVER have to buy grocery store tomatoes again!

No “green thumb” required!

We show you exactly how to grow these cherry tomatoes INDOORS so you never have to go to the grocery store for disappointing tomatoes again.

Three varieties to choose from: Pinocchio Orange, Vilma, Rosy Finch

Each purchase includes:

* One micro tomato plant, about 4-6″ tall

* And our exclusive guide to “Growing Micro Tomatoes Indoors without a Green Thumb”

***Plants Available for pick up starting March 14th in or near Romeo, Michigan – will finalize pick up dates March 7th .***


A little introduction to the lovely indoor cherry tomatoes we’re growing here at Fence Post Flower Farm.

Pinocchio Orange: I love orange tomatoes for their delightful flavor, this one is no exception! Pinocchio Orange also is my fastest growing and grows the most tomatoes per plant – she’ll nearly grow herself! She’s about 10-12″ fully grown.

Vilma: My favorite red cherry tomato of all the micro tomatoes. She grows lots of tomatoes per plant with each one bursting with true tomato flavor in a single bite. Full height of plant is about 12″

Rosy Finch: She’s not just rosy, she’s a pink tomato with the most delicious round globes I can’t resist. She grows to about 11″ tall, making her the perfect height for any countertop!

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Pinocchio Orange, Vilma, Rosy Finch