Tomato-Speckled Roman


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Speckled Roman is an indeterminate tomato that has 6-8 oz fruit; Red with Golden Yellow Streaks in color.

This speckled beauty adds a little variety to the all-red tomato game. It's called a plum tomato that we would classify under a "Roma or Paste" designation. It has a meaty texture with little juice. It's great for eating fresh or cooking quickly into a sauce.

Seeds are from Johnny's Select Seeds and grown with OMRI Certified ProMix Soil, Gnatrol, and Fish Fertilizer for nutrients. We have a great home-grown process to grow our plants. We are not a certified organic farm.

Plants will be available as 2.5" Pot.

Plant Spacing recommendation is 18-24"apart. after last frost when night time lows are at LEAST 50*F consistently otherwise plant will likely be stunted or perish.

Photo from: Johnny's Select Seeds

SKU: Tomato-Indeterminate-Speckled Roman-SBP2.1 Category: Tags: , , , , ,