Ask Mom what she really wants for Mother’s Day.

Ask Mom what she really wants for Mother’s Day.

Is she a gardener?

Does she want a certain plant?

Does it stress her out to have to keep a warm weather plant alive in her house for WEEKS before Michigan weather warms up?

Does she need new garden gear?

OR does she simply want you around to help her grow her garden?

Move mulch, create a raised bed so she doesn’t have to bend over, plant the plants, or keep an eye on the garden so she can tend to the kids?

Does she want someone to help her set up an automatic watering system so she can go on vacation to see her bestie (or not lose track of time while she feeds yet another snack to her toddler.)

Is there one veggie she LOVES to enjoy in the summer? Is it a cool weather plant or a heat loving plant? Does it grow well in Michigan?

Would she love a coupon book with gardening chores attached? Weeding in August, Beetle plucking in July, pulling out dead plants in October?

Does she want to grow veggies to eat, flowers to share, or beauty to enjoy?

You have time… go ask her!

If you need gardening tips, warm season veggies and flowers to grow, or summer bouquets to enjoy… I’m your girl!

If I can help with gardening questions, even if they aren’t related to our farm – I’m happy to help. I’m Laura, a mom and garden geek who enjoys bringing joy to others – especially moms.

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