Best. Wife. Ever!

Dave and I met at Kettering University, yes, I have a BS, Mrs, and MS.

About 10 years ago I was working long hours designing assembly lines and while I was waiting for equipment to be repaired, I checked my personal email.

The email that stood out to me was an event in Traverse City for Valentine’s Day weekend, also my birthday. I forwarded the email to Dave, said I want to do the two events listed, I wanted to have the same hotel we had before, and I went back to work.

I sent the email around 10 am, by 2pm he had secured our lodging, event tickets, and had added his own ideas for the weekend to include a few local stops of places we had visited and enjoyed before.

We got back from our weekend and I was again on an airplane, this time to South Carolina. Our college friend insisted on taking me out for dinner ON my actual birthday (Tuesday or Wednesday of that week).

Over dinner my friend and I talked about our careers, the crazy hours I was working, and I told him about our weekend trip.

He loudly declared that I was the BEST WIFE EVER.

After looking around as the fellow patrons stared at us… I asked him how he could think that?

I said “I told Dave what to do, doesn’t that make me bossy?”

He very passionately said “NO! You told him exactly what you wanted so he couldn’t mess up. He didn’t have to guess, to get you something you only sort of liked or tolerated, AND he KNEW you would enjoy it… taking all stress off of the decision making.”

Well okay then! Best Wife Ever… I’ll take it!

So, Moms, Grandmas, and even you Garden Guys… find out what would bring you contentment this garden season and clearly state it to your friends and family. Be Specific!

If it’s important to you, let them know.

You may not be declared the “BEST. WIFE. EVER!”, but I hope that your loved ones will enjoy gifting you the garden season of your dreams.

I’ve compiled a list of ideas for garden gifts – None of them are physical gifts.

The List:

  • Nap – When I asked a group of mom’s what they’d like for Mother’s Day I had a lot of requests for a Nap.

  • Home Alone – As a mom myself I know I would love to be in my own house on my own to get a few projects done, tidy the drawer that’s driving me crazy, go through clothes/toys/etc without kid “help”, and just have a chance to get my bearings so I’m more refreshed to take on mom life again.

  • Activities with Her Family – I think a lot of mom’s would love someone else to plan out activities, take pictures, and have everything handled from snacks and water to the right clothes for each person (yes in Michigan it’s still winter coat, hats, boots, shorts, and sunglasses).

  • Brunch – Do you want brunch with your Besties or with the Family? Both?

  • Time Out of the House that isn’t getting groceries.  A few ideas:
    • Great Gatsflea – Armada Fairgrounds April 30th – check out my friend Donna, owner of Sawdust and Cider for custom home decor and awesome customized glassware!
    • Good Grounds (Almont) – Currently in the Chic Antiques building on the weekend, but opening their own location in Almont this spring.
    • Lots of local nurseries have workshops and hands on activities – check them out to see if one of them has a topic you would like.
    • Any other fun activities you’d like to share?

One last thought — Who do you celebrate on Mother’s Day?

I’m in the mom life stage of raising children, but for as long as I’ve been alive we’ve celebrated my mom for Mother’s Day.

Who gets to be the focus of the day? Not to mention grandma, mother in law, sisters, and friends.

It can be tricky to navigate, but I think what Mother’s Day comes down to is to celebrate the mom in your life the way that makes her feel loved.

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