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Sun Gold is an Indeterminate Cherry cherry tomato that has 1-2 oz fruit; Orange-Yellow in color.

This is my all time favorite tomato. I fell in love with it years ago and it's been in my garden whenever I've been able to find plants. I'm very excited and humbled to be able to grow these for myself and for others. These round gems never make it inside because they are delightful and cheery to the taste buds. They are unique because they are a true hybrid with thin skins that don't travel well (why you may not see them even at farmers markets). They are best growing in home gardens for the home team to enjoy one little drop of sweet-juicy sunshine at a time. They don't have the true "tomato" taste and sometimes remind me of what I think an orange grape would taste like. If you don't know then be sure to try them this season!

Seeds are Hand Selected Hybrids from Johnny's Select Seeds and grown with OMRI Certified ProMix Soil, Gnatrol, and Fish Fertilizer for nutrients.

We have a great home-grown process to grow our plants. We are not a certified organic farm.

Plants will be available as 2.5" Pot.

Plant Spacing recommendation is 18-24" spacing between indeterminate/vine varieties, trellising is recommended. Plant after last frost when night time lows are at LEAST 50*F consistently otherwise plant will likely be stunted or perish.

Photo from: Johnny's Select Seeds. This listing is for the plant meant for growing in your garden, not a harvested veggie, herb, or flower.

SKU: Tomato-Cherry-Sun Gold-SBP2.1 Category: Tags: , , , ,