Sunflower Gold Rush Branching


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Gold Rush is a branching sunflower that has 4-5" flowers on multi-stemmed branches; classic golden orange in color. Early and prolific classic sunflower. Rounded, overlapping, golden orange petals with chocolate-colored disk. Stem length is 18–32". 4–5" bloom size. Pollenless (i.e. won't leave pollen on your kitchen table)

Seeds are Hand Selected Hybrid from Johnny's Select Seeds and grown with OMRI Certified ProMix Soil, Gnatrol, and Fish Fertilizer for nutrients. We have a great home-grown process to grow our plants. We are not a certified organic farm.

Plants will be available as 4 per 2.5" pot.

Plant Spacing recommendation is plant 24-36" apart. Plant outside after last frost when night time lows are at LEAST 50*F consistently otherwise plant will likely be stunted or perish.

Photo from: Johnny's Select Seeds. This listing is for the plant meant for growing in your garden, not a harvested veggie, herb, or flower.

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SKU: Sunflower-Branching-Gold Rush-P2-4 Category: Tags: , , ,