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Golden Squash Zucchini is a summer squash that has 8" fruit; Yellow in color. Crisp and mild-flavored zucchinis.

Seeds are Heirloom from a seed exchange and grown with OMRI Certified ProMix Soil, Gnatrol, and Fish Fertilizer for nutrients. We have a great home-grown process to grow our plants. We are not a certified organic farm.

Plants will be available as 2.5" Pot.

Plant Spacing recommendation is varied by grower for pumpkins, squashes, and melons. I think the bottom line is this. Squash vines need a LOT of space to roam. In backyard gardens that usually means letting them roam on the grass or running up a trellis/fence. If the squash is small to medium sized then feel free to let it climb unassisted. If the squash gets about the size of a pie pumpkin then they will need a sling to keep them from falling off their stems (search pantyhose watermelon sling). Most recommendations for growing squash is 3 plants per hill with hills 6'-12' apart. Wider spacing may allow for easier harvesting. I wouldn't plant anything between squash plants, let the vines roam AND feel free to try different spacing to test limits. You can cut the vines short, train them to go a different way, or maybe they will just thrive in a squished environment, this is a good place to try it out.

Plant outside after last frost when night time lows are at LEAST 50*F consistently otherwise plant will likely be stunted or perish.

Photo from: Seed Savers Exchange. This listing is for the plant meant for growing in your garden, not a harvested veggie, herb, or flower.

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SKU: Squash-Summer-Golden Squash Zucchini-SBP2 Category: Tags: , ,