Seed Dahlia Grow Along Challenge

What happens when one-of-a-kind people grow one-of-a-kind dahlias?

Seed Dahlia Grow Along Challenge

How to participate:

** Sign up for our email newsletter

** Buy a seed dahlia during the Good Grounds Grand Opening

** Plant it and let it bloom.

** Send a photo to Laura

** At the end of summer we’ll ask the community which dahlias they think are the best

** I’ll help the winners save the favorite dahlias for seasons to come

** Not able to grow a dahlia? No problem! Sign up via email to follow along!

I can’t wait to see this community GROW something beautiful together!

~ Laura ~

Photos: Flowers are all from my first season growing dahlias from seed.

P.S. Be sure to sign up to watch the adventure, it’ll be the prettiest email in your inbox.

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