Seed Starting Workshop

**PRE-LAUNCH. Not for sale yet. Cost will be $45 and will run in either November 2022 or March 2023 time frame (possibly both). **

Have you ever wanted to try growing your own seeds from scratch?

This is where we get to help you build your confidence to grow your own seeds and all the tips and tricks you need to be successful.

This 90-minute workshop will:

* Walk you through our lighting/seed starting set up

* Show you how we make soil blocks

* Give you inexpensive ways to get started (shop lights, take out containers, seeds, and potting soil are all you need to get started)

* Discuss when to start seeds and how to figure the information for any new seeds that come your way

* AND you’ll walk away knowing if you want to seed start or leave it to the pros (sometimes knowing what NOT to invest in is worth the cost of education)


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