Flower “Flats”

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Are you a home gardener who loves to GROW your own bouquets?

Have you tried driving to ALL the local plant nurseries only to find short “bedding” flowers?

Or have you wanted to grow a few of this color, a few of that color, and didn’t want to buy 20 seed packets?

Look no further!

We grow our cut flowers differently than home gardeners and we’d like to share the experience with you. More details can be found in this blog post.

We are offering you three ways to grow your own custom mix of cut flowers with our seeds, our guidance, and a whole lot of selection!

THIS OPTION is for the “Flower Flats”

We are offering a tray of over 100 flowers for your cutting garden this season – it should fill a 4’x8′ garden with the spacing we recommend OR it’s enough to share with a friend 50/50.

  • We will soil block 120 small blocks and seed them for you – Here’s how we do it for our cut flower farming small soil blocks.
  • Our professional seed packets expect a 90% germination for most seeds so we are being conservative in thinking you’ll have 100 plants for your garden.
  • The plants will be about 3-6″ tall and should be garden ready by the weekend of May 20th (size wise, may need to wait for temperatures to warm up before planting)
  • We can grow the plants for you with farm pick-up the weekend of May 20th


** Custom Tray**  with an Assortment of Cut Flowers – We will send you our list of seeds and you send us what you want us to plant by April 5th.

Our cut flowers include an assortment of cosmos (double frilly pinks and purples), zinnias (Benary’s Giants and Oklahoma series), scented tall cutting basil (Cinnamon and Lemon), amaranth (Burgundy and Gold), globe amaranth (pink, purple, white, and red), and celosia (pinks, purples, thin and fluffy). If you’re looking for other flowers please let me, Laura, know hello@fencepostflowerfarm.com

**ZINNIA ONLY Tray**  Zinnias need a little less time to grow so we can grow your zinnias for a little less cost because they require a few weeks less tending, watering, lights, fans, and keeping them looking healthy and thriving.


If you have any questions, want more details before purchasing, or want to send me a note – my name is Laura and you can reach me at hello@FencePostFlowerFarm.com

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