Micro Tomato 101 Delicious

Micro Tomatoes were created to be self-pollinating, small in size, and delicious in taste.

Delicious in taste… isn’t that personal preference? Absolutely.

If I could hand you some tomatoes through the screen right now I would.

But since you’re not sitting next to me, I’ll have to try to describe what a micro tomato tastes like.

First let me give you my tomato history.

I was never a fan of tomatoes.

I never liked them growing up.

I hated them on my salad.

Sandwiches? Burgers? Fine whatever.

I liked spaghetti sauce and ketchup, but that was about it.

As I started growing my own veggie garden I was swept up in the “must grow tomatoes” excitement and I have been growing tomatoes in my garden since about 2008.

Over time I found out two things.

First – Tomatoes are high in histamines so as I found ways to heal, my histamine load went down and tomatoes became much more enjoyable.

Secondly – I started growing varieties that could not be found in the grocery store or at a farmer’s market. It all began with a tomato called “Sun Gold”.

The sun gold tomato is an orange cherry tomato that is sweet.

It doesn’t really taste like a traditional red tomato and maybe that’s why I like it so much.

I also think it taught me how to enjoy tomatoes, one small bite at a time. Over the years I’ve come to not only grow them, but enjoy eating them as well.

Micro tomatoes grow cherry tomato size fruits.

I’ve grown eight varieties of micro tomatoes, all from The Wheel Seeds on Etsy. I wouldn’t typically recommend buying seeds on etsy, but this is a great shop!

Chuck, owner of The Wheel Seeds, is local to Michigan and is connected in the world of tomato breeding. He is generous with his deep knowledge of micro tomatoes.

The eight varieties I’ve tried so far are Pinocchio Orange, Vilma, Mohamed, Monetka, Jochalos, Rosy Finch, Groovy Tunes, and Laura.

Pinocchio Orange, Groovy Tunes, Jochalos, and Monetka are all fantastic orange tomatoes. They are sweet, flavorful, and have only a slight tomato-y taste. They each have a different flavor, but what won me over was Pinocchio Orange who will grow as many tomatoes as fast as possible, it has the strongest will to live out of all the plants I’ve grown.

Vilma and Mohamed are flavorful red cherry tomatoes that taste like the best traditional tomato.

Laura is also a red tomato, but she’s just not as flavorful as these two. A bummer because I would have loved to grow Laura plants for you…psst my name is Laura in case you didn’t know *winks* I’m giving her another try so she may appear in the future. 

Rosy Finch is a pink, rosy globe that just feels like you’re getting more than a small bite. It’s a lighter flavor than a red tomato with the sweetness of an orange tomato.

When you grow large tomatoes for sandwiches, you’re looking for a big slicer tomato.

If canning/preserving is more your style you typically go for the least juicy/roma tomatoes.

With cherry tomatoes you grow them for enjoyment.

They can be eaten by the handful, added to salads, and yes, they can go on sandwiches or into cans of tomato sauce.

But cherry tomatoes?

Their primary job is to bring joy and exquisite taste in one generous bite.

This year I’m looking forward to bringing joy to your kitchen in the form of micro tomatoes.

Your family will not only enjoy the tomatoes, they will gather around the experience that can last you all year long.

I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in growing tomatoes on your kitchen counter.

With gratitude and gardeners grit,


Find out more about our micro tomato plants here.

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