A Quick “Where We Started” Post

We are Dave and Laura of Fence Post Flower Farm.

Primarily this is all Laura’s gig, but Dave does a lot of the heavy lifting (literally the heavy stuff and watering when I need help).

In January 2021 I, Laura, needed a change. I missed people. I wanted to grow something.

So we designed, or rather, we engineered our garden.

We met at engineering school. I designed assembly lines for automotive for 10 years, making processes more efficient and asking engineers to use plain language to explain how to build car parts. I’ve been home for many years, even before we had kids.

Dave primarily works from home, see the headset. He designs key fobs and systems that make cars fancy. Which is funny because he prefers playing with vintage cars when he’s able (it’s limited time…we have kids).

We sketched up a big garden before I found old tomato and flower seeds.

I tried growing the tomatoes with wild success (200 beefsteak tomatoes were a few too many for my family so I told a friend, she laughed at my distress and said she’d buy some. Then she asked if I’d grow her peppers and green beans too so that’s where the plant sale started).

The flowers started with seed packets that amounted to 2000 sq. ft and they came with us from our city house. I remember exclaiming “who would let me get that many seeds?!” And when I turned the packages over I saw the answer. 2015. The year my grandpa passed in August. He would have been the one who encouraged me to get the seeds and enjoy them, he probably bought them for me too. My snapdragons and eryngium are from him too.

Our setup this year is basically the same as the first year. We use shop lights, shelves, and water everything by hand in our “basement greenhouse”.

Our plants are home grown.

Hand watered.

Tended and cared for by the two of us for months.

We learn and I tell you my experiences.

And we all grow together.

Thank you for being here and for letting us grow with you.

~ Laura… and Dave

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